Ensol believes in every human being’s right to the minimum standards of living. Therefore, Ensol’s mission is to deliver one of the most essential and crucial rights to its country’s citizens: Power Supply

What We Do

ENSOL is a power provider firm that provides its clients with a 24/7 redundant electricity supply that helps fulfill ENSOL's vision: "YOU BUILD, WE EMPOWER".

ENSOL is pleased to eliminate the burden of solving the power supply situation for its clients in order for them to focus of their endeavors.

An undependable power supply in Lebanon has made business entities unsatisfied with their current unreliable power supply situation, which has lead them to be governed by the use of privately owned back-up generator. This situation is a main distraction on the Entities' core business goals where it demands a significant amount of effort and time to deal with.

ENSOL realizes the electrical burden that you are confronted with and recognizes the exclusive opportunity to supply your organization with the power solution that it demands.

ENSOL is confident that our projected power solution will efficiently tackle you needs. Hence, our aim is to supply all you ventures with the best reliable and convenient power.

By implementing ENSOL’s power solution, you will :

- Enjoy a continuous power supply, total availability and redundancy of electricity
- Economize much more on your expenses than if you were using your privately owned generators
- Minimize your noise, smoke and Green House Gas emissions
- Forget all the challenges of managing and maintaining power systems
- Save your expenditure on a private generator setup

ENSOL’s exceptional ability to supply electricity and our successful track record in Lebanon make us a desirable partner, aiding your business to move forward and progress.


Who We Are

In a recent step and after all the experience, know-how, and success achieved throughout the years by our team we launched a company under the name of ENSOL to lead the market with the latest technology in power generation to provide power to large industrial areas.

With an experienced team of engineers and skilled technicians, ENSOL has the technical know-how to implement a power solution for a variety of needs and sizes.

Ensol is a sister company of its predecessor Voltz, a company with 25 years of experience in power generation and distribution.

Voltz, a power solution company, has acquired sufficient experience to provide the best quality of reliable and convenient power solutions.

Voltz generates and distributes over 20 MW of power to around 3,500 commercial and residential units, located in premium areas such as Rabieh, Mtayleb and Naccache.

Voltz has been devoted to supply the deficiency in the power system by improving the power supply to meet the demand it faces.

In proof of success, Voltz launched another sister company called To.Fa located in Lagos, Nigeria.

To.Fa has reached a power generating capacity of 40 MW and has been supplying its solution to Banks, Hotels, Malls and Residential Compounds, Telecom Companies, Data Centers, and Industrial Areas marking a growth that exceeded expectations.


Our Solution

ENSOL provides you the 24/7 electricity supply that you demand and charges you only on the energy consumed by your facility at the agreed rate.

ENSOL owns, installs, operates and maintains all equipment to sell you electricity on a kilowatt-hour basis.

ENSOL will relieve you from the demanding tasks of operating your own generator set by offering a solution to all challenges you face.

Our Projects


Contact Us

Street 9B, Building #1814,
Level 4, Rabieh, Metn, Lebanon

P: 961 4 525 082
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